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i can't keep a straight face & say this is not the end
a graphics community
bill alcohol
okay. I know I suck. I suck real bad. I'm gathering pictures AS I TYPE (well, not really... that'd be some skill, but you know) to post really soon. I'm out of school now, too, so I'll be getting icons out a lot more frequently. I'll try to post smaller, more quality posts at a time with only a few central subjects. my next post should be up tomorrow. expect quite a bit of vampire diaries and glee cast!
29th-Mar-2010 05:43 pm - holy crap!
bill alcohol
Okay! So, I'm definitely getting some icons up soon. It's been an insanely long time since I posted some, and well... it just needs to happen. Emily won't be making icons here anymore though, unfortunately. Sooo, prepare for a nice big post sometime soon.
28th-Feb-2010 01:35 am - red hair!
bill alcohol
    124 redhead icons
    -- amy adams
    -- george alan
    -- bastien bonizec
    -- isla fisher
    -- christina hendricks
    -- hayley williams
    -- stock

falalalaCollapse )
22nd-Feb-2010 05:00 pm - oh man.
bill alcohol
okay. since we're getting a lot of members lately, I'd like to acknowledge that and ask you guys what icons (or any graphics) you'd like to see. just reply! I'm willing to make graphics of just about anything (within reason of course!) if decent-quality photos can be found.
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